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Tri blogging from Tamworth, Staffordshire
Tri blogging from Tamworth, Staffordshire
I'm new to the sport of Triathlon coming from a running background which I originally took up in Nov '12 in order to lose weight. This is my blog and journey into the world of Triathlon. I have my first sprint under my belt and now I'm aiming for the Outlaw in 2014 !

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"When anyone tells me I can't do anything...I'm just not listening anymore"

owenslaterby owenslaterJun 8th 2013
One thing most of us like is goodies and if you're into a particular sport nowadays there will be a whole host of technical stuff to go with it. Triathlon, by its' very nature, triples the amount of goodies on offer :o)

I've had to be fairly restraint at the moment with the car in the garage and a new conservatory just been built but I gave in and 'invested' in a few things for my chosen sport...

The begining of the week saw me head off to Berkshire once more for work which meant 2 days away in a hotel. Determined to make every week count now that my next race is 7 weeks away, I did a treadmill run on the Monday night followed by a bike session 7am on Tuesday morning at the hotel gym to start easing my way back into things. The previous week I had given myself a few days rest from my last race and only attended the swim session (see my previous post).

Upon arriving back home my first 'goody bag' from 1BandID in the States was waiting for me :o) On my last race I was given a swathe of leaflets, one of which was for a company called 1BandID. Every race you attend you are required to fill in contact emergency details - but what about training ? I normally shove my driving licence in my back pocket "in case I get run over by a bus " but this company seemed to offer a neater option. I researched the product and found an indepth review on the product here :-

However, to save you a read, a picture or 2 is called for...
As you can see I've chosen to swiggle out some of the personal detail. Essentially you get the choice of line 1 'your name', line 2 'address' line 3 'primary contact', line 4 'secondary contact', line 5 'allergies, aversions' and finally line 6 is saved for your 'mantra'. There is a space limitation obviously. My chosen mantra was "Think big, believe big, act big, and the results will be big." Not all of it would fit onto the tag so I went for a cut down version which would be enough to remind me when I read it.

I also liked this one attributed to Florence Griffith-Joyner "When anyone tells me I can't do anything...I'm just not listening anymore."

It fitted nicely on my Garmin and I didn't notice it when running. There is a choice of 3 sizes and the company give examples of watches etc for the various sizes so you're not left to guess.

I particularly liked the good customer service from the company - thanks Joe ! So they get a shout out from me :o)
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Wednesday saw the great weather continue in the UK so at lunchtime it was out for a 7 mile run followed by a 1,500 metre swim in the evening. This gave me the opportunity to try out the second of my 'goodies'
Since having 2 coaching lessons with Rob from Swimfit I've bee feeling more confident on the front crawl stroke so I was determined to get an hour's solid swim in but also focus on the things said to me. I had read that paddles were useful for helping with the 'catch and pull', so I started doing sets of 10 lengths practising differant aspects of the front crawl and on set 3 I decided to don the paddles. The basic idea I believe is that these create more resistance and slows down your stroke so that you can concentrate on the technique. Certainly I found that you didn't have to put as much effort into the stroke to get the same effect. I'm still trying to make the transition from a straight arm to a high elbow stroke and intend to ask Rob for some help on that. For the time being I still need to sort my legs out !
Thursday lunchtime saw me take advantage of a 45min run. I'm currently reading 'Be Iron Fit' by Don Fink and one of the principles he advocates is rather than running/biking for X amount of miles for example, train for the amount of TIME you have free and make that time count i.e. quality rather than quantity. I'd recommend this book to anyone trying to form a training schedule for triathlon.

I've finally swapped my knobbly tyres from my bike for smooth road orientated ones and have cleeted peddles plus shoes on order for fitting this coming Monday. Hopefully I'll see the gains over the next few weeks. I'm seriously thinking of entering a Sportive to make me concentrate on the biking side of things. Just need to find a race that fits inbetween my current ones and the summer holiday away in Cornwall. The Malvern Mad-Hatter on the 1st September might be a good one, with the Standard race being 74 miles. Also the Isle of Wight race has some attractions too in July.

Friday saw another session of swimfit with the lesson concentrating solely on legwork. This time it was floats, bricks, gliding and almost non-stop pounding of my leg muscles ! The lesson culminated in a push, glide, 10 kicks and no more the 9 strokes to get to the other side of the pool; which was quite an improvment on 18 strokes from the previous week.

I had Saturday off to have a rest day and get some Ikea shopping done for our new conservatory. That meant I came back home with lots of things to build !

Sunday has been a glorious day in Staffordshire, great weather all day. So after lunch I headed out for a 12 mile run. It's been a few weeks since I'd done this distance (5 to be exact) and I was keen to get some mileage in my legs again. I didn't have any pace in mind, just whatever felt comfortable in the heat. 2 hours later (with a little toilet break in the middle) I was back home and drinking chocolate milk which is my favourite after-run recovery drink.

The run itself was fairly uneventful, the nicest section takes me through Tamworth Castle park and along the river Tame. Unsurprisingly it was full of people taking advantage of the weather. My 12 mile run is a circuit I mapped out on Google maps and takes me down the old Tamworth road into the park, out towards Mile cross, down towards the canals at Fazeley junction and up the old A5 Roman road. I've added a couple of loops in order to add a few K here and there.

As you can see from the map created by SportTracks my Garmin device took a while to pick up the satellites measuring only 11.5 miles. Fortunately from doing this route previously I know the total distance is 12.1 miles.
So that concludes my week, roughly 8 hours of training to ease myself back into the routine and I will continue to build on this in the forthcoming week as I am working from home. This should mean greater flexability for my routine so fingers crossed !

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