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Time for a new challenge
Time for a new challenge
When I got out of college I found myself 50 pounds overweight and working 2 jobs, and working out was not a priority. Then one day it changed. No great inspiration other than my wife was losing weight, and I wanted to as well. I started by telling friends and family that I was going to run a 5k. Then I moved on to a 4 mile race, and last year a rather hilly and challenging 7 mile race (The Bix in Davenport, Iowa). But triathlons have always fascinated me. So that is my new challenge.

Biking Problems

phunt77by phunt77Jun 9th 2010
It's been a while...I know...but the problems persist. There's been some good things too, but I'll get to those later. I have barely been on my bike this month. The problem...flat tires. I had 3 in a month. Probably would have been more, but I didn't have time to get a new tube and get it put on my bike any quicker. It's a new bike (got it in March), so it's been really frustrating. I took the rim back to the place I bought the bike from because I figured that there had to be something wrong with it and I couldn't figure out what that was. I explained everything to them. The "bike tech" called me back to tell me he had replaced the tube but couldn't fix the gears without the rest of the bike. I had to calmly explain the real problem, and I didn't hear back from them for a week. Finally, my wife went in to check on it and was given a brand new rim. Wish they could of done that a week ago. That teaches me for going to a "big box" store. I just didn't have the money to spend. Especially considering this is my first triathlon, and while I hope to do more, you just never know what life will throw at you. Maybe in a few years (if I am still competing) I can invest in a better bike.

The good wife and I went for our first open water swim. I only did maybe half the distance, but it still was fun and boosted my confidence at the same time. I am going to miss the next group swim, which is really dissappointing, but I am hoping to go out with my wife sometime fairly soon. We also went to a triathlon clinic last night, and they gave us some good tips. Combine those 2 things with the fact that I've chosen the race I want to do, and this whole thing has become a lot more real to me. Which is really exciting. I'm feeling good despite all the problems I've face and am really excited to get to race day!
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