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Time for a new challenge
Time for a new challenge
When I got out of college I found myself 50 pounds overweight and working 2 jobs, and working out was not a priority. Then one day it changed. No great inspiration other than my wife was losing weight, and I wanted to as well. I started by telling friends and family that I was going to run a 5k. Then I moved on to a 4 mile race, and last year a rather hilly and challenging 7 mile race (The Bix in Davenport, Iowa). But triathlons have always fascinated me. So that is my new challenge.

A real workout

phunt77by phunt77Jul 17th 2010
This week has been interesting. I was running Monday and keeping a pretty good pace, then I hit something in the road at around 4 miles into my run and rolled my ankle. It wasn't anywhere near as bad (or painful) as when it happened in February, but I did have over 1 1/2 miles to walk home. That wasn't fun but I made it. I was planning to swim later in the day, but cancelled it to be safe. I just wanted my ankle to heal as quickly as possible. My next run was supposed to be Thursday, but I didn't think the ankle would be ready so I planned to try a bike ride. Wednesday I tested the ankle by riding to work, and it went fine. So Thursday was on. Biking has been my weak point anyway, so I am taking the latest ankle injury as a blessing because it forced me to get on my bike and go. I was able to get in 18 miles Thursday, 22 miles yesterday and 19 miles today (all average around 17 mph).

But today was different. I had my first real glimpse at how hard a complete triathlon will be. I missed my swim yesterday so I moved it to today. I wanted to get 2 workouts in so I planned to ride the bike right after the swim. So I hopped in the pool and swam more than a mile (I lost my lap count once or twice and had to redo some laps). Then got on the bike and took off. On my way back home, I started thinking about running. My thought was that I could test the ankle and get a brick workout in. And I planned to only run a mile to test it out. But then I started running and realized a mile wouldn't take that long to run so I doubled it and ran 2. That was a tough workout, especially since it was 87 and humid when I started running. So the heat kind of zapped me. But the positive that I take away is that my race is at the end of September. So it shouldn't be anywhere near that hot or humid. Plus my ankle felt just fine. So yes, I am tired but I am energized at the same time. I completed my first tri-workout, and it may not have been actual distances, but it is good to know that I can do it.
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