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Time for a new challenge
Time for a new challenge
When I got out of college I found myself 50 pounds overweight and working 2 jobs, and working out was not a priority. Then one day it changed. No great inspiration other than my wife was losing weight, and I wanted to as well. I started by telling friends and family that I was going to run a 5k. Then I moved on to a 4 mile race, and last year a rather hilly and challenging 7 mile race (The Bix in Davenport, Iowa). But triathlons have always fascinated me. So that is my new challenge.

Swimming in a wetsuit

phunt77by phunt77Jul 20th 2010
I know I just posted a blog not too long ago, but this is going to be a quick hit. I had my first open water swim in a wetsuit tonight. I love the wetsuit and had no idea how different it would be. Definitely didn't need it as far as the temperature was concerned, but I need to get used to it. Now I can't wait for the next open water group swim and might try to find time to go out to a local park with my wife to do it again. The area they hold the group swims at is the same park/lake that my race is at, and tonight I swam pretty close to the actual distance as well. Not 100% sure on that because it wasn't marked but I was really close. If nothing else, it has given me a lot more confidence in my swimming ability.
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