Time for a new challenge
Time for a new challenge
When I got out of college I found myself 50 pounds overweight and working 2 jobs, and working out was not a priority. Then one day it changed. No great inspiration other than my wife was losing weight, and I wanted to as well. I started by telling friends and family that I was going to run a 5k. Then I moved on to a 4 mile race, and last year a rather hilly and challenging 7 mile race (The Bix in Davenport, Iowa). But triathlons have always fascinated me. So that is my new challenge.

Treat your body well...

phunt77by phunt77Nov 20th 2010
For the last 2 years, I have been wearing knee braces. I don't have any knee problems yet, but there is a long history of knee problems/replacement in my family. So I looked at it as preventative maintenance. But I never have like wearing them. I can't find any that fit right and will not slide down. Recently I decided to start icing my left knee because it was bothering me more than normal. That seemed to help. Then one night I was watching TV with the heating pad sitting next to me. I decided to use it on my legs...about 10-15 minutes on both thighs, hamstrings and calfs. I have done this almost nightly for about a week. The difference is amazing. My run times have been cut down dramatically. My last 2 runs I have not worn a knee brace and I have had no problems at all. Today's run matched one of my fastest ever, and I felt strong the whole way. It's also amazing what a good workout can do for your attitude. I was in year end wind down mode...now I am fired up again. So the heating and icing will continue for the foreseeable future.

One other note...I bought a bike trainer finally and it should be here this week. Which basically means that I will be able to continue bike training throughout the snowy Iowa winter. Tomorrow, however, the temps are supposed to get up to around 50. And for me, anything 45 and up with sun is a good day for a ride. Hopefully I will be able to get out for about an hour or so.
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