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Endo Girls do Triathlon Too!
This is a record of my positive battle against Endometriosis! The ups, downs and sheer delight at completing triathlons in my own slow way!

A good week

poppytoftby poppytoftJun 14th 2009
I've had a much better week after a fairly bad start. Chronic pain on Monday and Tuesday to the point where I was becoming fairly demoralised and wondering when I might be able to exercise again.

I ventured out on Wednesday and did a slow run with the running club - in the rain, obviously, and that seems to have tipped the balance back in favour of exercise. Swam on Thursday, did a very hard 10k on Saturday - hard due to the heat, even at 10.00am in the morning. Britain is such a frustrating country to exercise in! An excellent 30 mile cycle today and we are back in business.

A few twinges of pain today, but I suspect that may be due to having a bbq and ice creams. That's what I choose to believe anyway! Exercise does make such a huge difference, and helps me cope with the challenges that endo presents.
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