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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
Sharing my experiences in training, racing and learning the 'science' of progressing in Triathlon - from total novice to top-ten finisher (and hopefully beyond!). Stop by to listen to what I have to say, but don't forget, the whole point of web 2.0 is interaction, so don't be afraid or too shy to leave your own thoughts!

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Pain Part Three: Hurt
prhimby prhim Feb 9th 2011
So far in this three part blog saga I've looked at 'Fatigue' and 'Exertion' as two of three main types of "pain" (if you haven't read the previous instalments, you should be able to find them below this posting). Now it's time for the final part, "h...
Interpreting and understanding pain
prhimby prhim Jan 26th 2011
I was casting around for ideas for my next blog post when my coach (twitter: @gobi_one) suggested I explore the concept of pain. No surprise to hear that suggestion from a coach, perhaps. After all, they must enjoy creating pain; why else would they...
This week I have mostly been...
prhimby prhim Jul 29th 2010
ill. And like most men, I don't do "ill" very well. Just a bl**dy stupid seasonal cold, but one that has now totally outstayed its welcome and really should just bugger off. I've been a good boy and done no training or exercise whatsoever for fo...
This week I have been mostly...
prhimby prhim May 29th 2010
...resting. I've commented previously on how I hate taking rest days; how it feels like I am wasting on opportunity to improve at least some element of my triathlon performance. But this week I've felt so tired (I suspect due to a combination...
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