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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
Sharing my experiences in training, racing and learning the 'science' of progressing in Triathlon - from total novice to top-ten finisher (and hopefully beyond!). Stop by to listen to what I have to say, but don't forget, the whole point of web 2.0 is interaction, so don't be afraid or too shy to leave your own thoughts!

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Chilly Duathlon Feb '11 - RACE REPORT
prhimby prhim Feb 27th 2011
So today was my first multisport race of 2011; a good opportunity to test the effectiveness of my Winter base training before we get into speedwork in earnest. Matters were not helped on Friday when something in my back went 'pop!' and I've been sub...
Interpreting and understanding pain
prhimby prhim Jan 26th 2011
I was casting around for ideas for my next blog post when my coach (twitter: @gobi_one) suggested I explore the concept of pain. No surprise to hear that suggestion from a coach, perhaps. After all, they must enjoy creating pain; why else would they...
Race Report: Chilly Duathlon, Castle Combe
prhimby prhim Nov 22nd 2010
The Chilly Duathlon holds a special significance for me. Not because it's an especially iconic race or anything like that (although I think it is a great end-of-season blow-out race for people of all abilities), but because it's the first multi-spor...
The progress continues
prhimby prhim Nov 14th 2010
So, last time out I wrote about getting myself a coach for the first time and having to learn to trust in that relationship. I also wrote about my introduction to the concept of winter base training. Well, one month in and I'd have to say things ar...
The appliance of 'intelligence' to winter training
prhimby prhim Oct 26th 2010
At the end of my first full season of Triathlon, I'm the first to admit that my training over the last 14 months or so has lacked any real scientific or programmatic basis. Put (perhaps a little over) simply, I mainly concentrated on doing either a)...
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