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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
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How much is enough; when is it too much?!

prhimby prhimDec 18th 2009
Like many 'wannabe' triathletes, I'm not short on enthusiasm. However, reading stories of how even non-elite triathletes can easily rack up 10-12 hours a week training is a little worrying.

With a full time job, a son and (just occassionally!) a social life, finding that many hours is proving difficult. For the last two weeks, I consciously upped my training regime and have managed to average around 8 hours training - I think that's just about the most I can realistically manage (the two week break over Christmas will help, but that's only temporary).

So instead I think it's time to lear how to train smarter. I've been reading some interesting posts (e.g. Mike Trees' articles on 'Running for Triathletes' which are certainly a help.

I think I had fallen into the 'must fill 12 hours' rut, rather than thinking how can I get the most out of the 7-8 hours I have available. Some more forward planning and creative thinking when it comes to intervals and bricks will hopefully pay dividends in a reasonably short space of time.

Will be interesting to see whether I can concoct a training regime that doesn't completely overtake my life but lets me put in respectable performances at my next few races.

Having been totally 'bitten by the bug', my worst nightmare now is to not improve through 2010.
Chigby member: Chig, Dec 22nd 2009 00:24
Smart thinking mate - Its all about quality. I do reasonable Ironman times on less than 12 hours a week! Make every session count, and work out what you want to achieve from each session before you start it.
Good luck.
Oh, And 1 final thing. Don't get too caught up with all the fancy kit - its the engine that counts. You could spend all that shopping time on the bike!
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