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I love my Slice, but...

prhimby prhimApr 8th 2010
I love my Slice, but...
...I'm really struggling to get comfortable on it. I think it's me more than the bike - a niggling rotator cuff / ACJ injury is limiting the mobility in my shoulder and in turn leading to discomfort after 30 minutes or so on the aero bars.

Not sure there's too much I can do other than grin and bear it (while obviously continuing the gym-based rehab on the injury) - I think it's the angle between my elbow and wrist that's causing the discomfort, rather than any fore or after adjustment on the bars themselves.

Of course, another option is a proper bike fit, which may well be on the cards in the next couple of weeks.

On the plus side, I'm averaging about 4km/h faster on the Slice than my usual road bike (on the same route), so definitely making a difference to my overall performance. Some aero wheels (the supplied Fulcrum 7s are a little low-rent) should add to the differential.

Managed to hit 61km/h today on a particularly steep downhill; shame I bottled it and didn't quite have the balls to stay on the aero bars!
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