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I'm broken... apparently!

prhimby prhimJan 5th 2010
I guess one of the good things about getting a personal trainer is that they notice things you don't. Sometimes good; but mostly (in my experience anyway!) bad!

My trainer recently commented that I had 'huge' errector spinae and that these were probably compensating for all sorts of poor form in the gym and out on the track. It seems that my upper traps, lats and hip-flexors are all under-performing because the lower back is taking too much of the strain.

So - following an assessment with a therapist today - I'm about to embark on an intensive four-week course of exercises and drills to see if I can effectively 'teach' my body a new way to move, engaging the 'right' muscles to do the jobs they are designed to do, rather than allowing certain muscle-groups to hide weaknesses (that I never even knew I had...).

As for how this relates to triathlon, I'm hoping it's going to make a real difference to my running. Of the three disciplines, it's the one that I feel is letting me down (totally incapable of running a sub-20 minute 5km at the moment - and think it's more down to technique than overall fitness). So, armed with a set of daily stretches (my hamstrings are appalling), gym exercises and some sprint drills, it will be interesting to see whether I feel - and perform - better after the month.

The experience has just gotten me wondering about how many of us 'amateur' athletes must have our own individual weaknesses, bad habits etc - but we never really find out about them as we don't have the luxury of someone constantly watching over us with a critical eye...
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