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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
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Oh for a spanky set of carbon rims...

prhimby prhimApr 19th 2010
Oh for a spanky set of carbon rims...
...and/or maybe a new set of legs.

So, finally I have lost my virginity and actually competed in a 'full'
triathlon. We were amazingly lucky with the weather for the Winchester Triathlon yesterday. A beautiful day and not a lot of wind on the bike (although the road surfaces were pretty awful out towards the dual carriageway!).

I beat my target time comfortably and managed to come home in 42nd (out of 315) overall and 11th (out of 114) in age group. Total time was 1hr 45min 01 secs (why is it I always miss beating the minute by just a couple of seconds?!?!). Top-ten in age group would have been the stuff of dreams, but I have to be pretty content with what I managed on the day.

The swim itself was fine, although I might under-estimate my time for the next race, as my projected 6 minutes put me firmly in with the 'a lot better than me' competitors - which in turn led to a pretty lonely race out on the bike and run (i.e. they left me for dead! Oh for a decent set of carbon rims....).

My swim time came in at 6.29, but I think the timing mat was outside the pool, so feel pretty confident I hit my 6 minute target.

The 20 mile bike came in at 56.20, which I was pretty happy with. A little soul-destroying to have the super-light carbon TT bikes blast past me on the straights (would then catch them on the hills, only to see them blast off again...!), but I did manage to make up just a few places.

From a motivation point of view, one of the best take-aways from the event for me was that the 6 mile run wasn't as painful as I was expected. I made up quite a few places (despite then getting passed by the super-elites from the wave behind about half way through the run) to bring it home in 36.16 (fast for me, although now wishing I had pushed harder!).

So a really valuable learning experience. The absence of distance markers on the run (combined with a lack of familiarity with the course) meant I waited till too late to put in my final kick. Better course familiarisation in future should definitely help.

Now I just need to turn to a life of crime to lay my hands on a decent set of aero wheels to complement the recently-purchased TT bike. Or I suppose I could man-up and just realise I need a hell of a lot more training. More bricks and intervals for me...!
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