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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
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Oh the irony....

prhimby prhimDec 26th 2009
It isn't lost on me just how ironic it is that, shortly after my last blog post about training levels, I should find (and exceed) my current limit.

With typically impeccable timing, I managed to run myself down and catch a cold just in time for Christmas Eve. Superb!

Well I suppose at least I answered my own question as to what was 'too much' training.

In an effort to stave off the seasonal cold that seems to be brought on each year by the slow-down for Christmas, I ramped-up the training, working on the philosophy that my body wouldn't have time to realise it was Christmas and hit me with the usual flu symptoms... But it seems that either the philosophy, or perhaps the execution, was flawed.

However,I'm glad to report that two days later and it feels like the worst of the symptoms have passed. Did a gentle 7km run this morning and actually feel really good (apart from obvious head cold symptoms, that is!). It's really nice when you feel totally 'fresh' in the legs after a couple of days off.

After 35 mins I still felt strong, but glad to report the head won out and I called it a day. Better to live to go longer / harder tomorrow then stuff it up by overdoing it today (just to prove I can learn a lesson).

And anyway, as a certain friend pointed out (you know who you are!), it was "just man flu anyway, you big baby...."
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