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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
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The sun is out... and everyone is happy :-)

prhimby prhimMar 24th 2010
Today was meant to be a rest day (from running, at least), but this strange golden orb appeared in the skies above Newbury and suddenly the temperature lifted a few degrees, meaning you could actually stand outside without thermals...

Needless to say the temptation was too much, so a gentle recovery run was hastily decided upon, along the canal towpath towards Thatcham.

Now usually when I'm running, I'm in my own little world. Eye contact with other runners is studiously avoided as I plough on with that day's task. Today, however, was a little different.

Since I was plodding along at a nice gentle pace, the sun was out and I was running in shorts for the first time this year(!), I took the highly unusal step of acknowledging my fellow runners out on the towpath.

And how refreshing it was that every single one of them responded with at least a wave, and in many cases a genuine broad smile. It seems we shared a little secret - that getting out for a run in the lunchtime sun is something really quite special.

So who cares that it took me 41 minutes to do 8.5km. Today wasn't about training; it was about feeling good. :-)
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