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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
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The year of living painfully becomes a little too literal...

prhimby prhimJun 27th 2010
The year of living painfully becomes a little too literal...
When I jokingly dreamed up the idea of racing 12 duathlons and triathlons in 2010 (my first full season), the 'year of living painfully' seemed a fitting title.

However, in the last couple of weeks, the title has become a little too literal for my liking! First, a couple of weeks ago a mysterious right foot injury that felt sufficiently painful that I thought it was a sprain but thankfully cleared up as quickly as it appeared.

And then yesterday an accident on the bike led to the left foot / leg injury pictured above. Without wanting to sound too much like an idiot, I'll admit I was practising bike transitions and (after a couple of faultless efforts) got it horribly wrong.

A lot of ice, compression and worry later I took the decision this morning that I would go ahead with the planned race #6, the Fast Twitch Marlborough Triathlon. I half-expected to have to pull out as the foot didn't quite take the challenge, but in the end it held up well.

Unfortunately, the race organisation wasn't the best. I've attended other races run by Concept Sport which were much better (e.g. Winchester in April); but it seemed they were really caught out by the early start this time round. That extended to not having marshals stationed at key junctions on the bike route - causing more than one early-starting competitor to make a costly detour. I also thought it was a bit cheap that the race was non-chip, when it cost the same to enter as other races which have featured chip timing (and as a result, no detailed timings have been made available as yet).

Overall, however, it was a satisfactory race for me. A target time of 1:40 was beaten by a mere 40 seconds or so, which wasn't too bad considering the events of the day before. In fact, the foot wasn't the main issue; my quads were totally shot after the undulating bike ride and just about killed off by the first half of the run (including a damned steep climb for a mile or so!).

So an overall time of 1:39:20 was okay for me, considering the nature of the course. And I learned yet more lessons from the day (not least of which is not to practice transitions 24 hours before a race!). On a positive note; I was a part of the MAD-Tri team that won the mens team competition - my first triathlon trophy.

Here's hoping the preparations for race #7 (Bristol) are less painful and more effective!
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