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This week I have been mostly...

prhimby prhimMay 29th 2010

I've commented previously on how I hate taking rest days; how it feels like I am wasting on opportunity to improve at least some element of my triathlon performance.

But this week I've felt so tired (I suspect due to a combination of a work trip to California last week, the fall-out from a typically bad American hotel/restauarant diet and jetlag) that I simply could not face my usual training regime. Instead I opted for some core and conditioning work in the gym and waited till Friday before finally putting in only my second run of the week.

And I felt so much better for it.

So yet another lesson learned for me. When your body really, really doesn't want to know (and I'm not just talking about a general malaise, I mean a full on, I can't get my ass out of bed stupor), then once in a while it doesn't hurt to listen to it.

Having had a good interval session yesterday out along the canal at Newbury, I feel re-energised and ready for today's big brick session. Or at least I would if it wasn't peeing with rain and gusting heavy winds right now! Call me a whimp, but a gym-based brick is looking a hell of a lot more inviting....!
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