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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
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Warning: A bit of a rant...

prhimby prhimJan 17th 2010
I know the internet is already filled with pointless rants, with people getting overly upset by one thing or another. But as this vehicle is open to me, the temptation is just too great.

On my 12km road run this evening, I simply could not believe the amount of fellow runners pounding the dimly-lit streets in all-black outfits! Not a flashing-LED, hi-viz vest or even reflect stripe in sight... Maybe I'm becoming old and a grumpy old man - but as someone who won't run in the dark without my Brooks hi-viz vest and a head torch (it's not a sexy look, I'm the first to admit) I think these guys are just crazy. It's like being asked to be run over.

Obviously the number one concern is cars (and yes, there is the argument that if we're running on pavements / sidewalks, cars shouldnt be there!), but I also think its discourteous to other people using the pavements that some sweaty oik should suddenly appear from the gloom with no warning.

So to conclude yet another internet-based pointless rant - come on people; be sensible and be seen.
TriCadenceby member: TriCadence, Jan 18th 2010 01:58
Completely agree with your point of reason over fashion.
I also wear my sometimes unfashionable safety gadgets (bright neon pink vest ;-0 and blinking lights), as would rather finish the run than finish in the hospital.
boomclarenby member: boomclaren, Jan 18th 2010 11:14
Rant away mate...rant away.

i'd say most people are probably in agreement with you, maybe making us all grumpy b*******s. also you're not a proper runner if you don't look like a tool in fashion conscious areas. head torches and luminous colours all the way.
Skinnybuddahby member: Skinnybuddah, Apr 5th 2010 14:36
Yep its a rant all the way, however I'm in full agreement with you.
Staying up north in Scotland, I like to resemble a human chrismas decoration when I go out, flashing lights, dayglo, hi viz, the full works.

Now I know I look kinda silly at times, however the fact that people/cars/buses etc see me is the point.

Perhaps its just because I've reached midlife and I'm over the fashion show mentality!

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