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Triathlon Training & Races - Matt's Blog
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Work interrupts play - again

prhimby prhimMar 18th 2010
I knew it was coming, but still the reality seemed to hit faster than I was prepared for.

This week we moved offices 30 miles or so down the road from Swindon to Newbury. Big deal you say, so what's a little extra commute? All true, but I hadn't quite anticipated quite how much it would bugger up my training routine!

Despite fitting out our new offices from practically a bare shell, my wonderful employer deemed that putting in even a single shower was going to be too expensive, hence we have now have no way to wash up after a morning or lunchtime run / cycle. I have to confess that part of me is being selfish and thinking 'tough luck!' on my fellow employees (I've bought a pack of baby wipes... we'll see how good they are for a quick clean up! Does anyone else have any clever tips for cleaning up without a shower?!).

Of course, the other option is to join a gym that's local to the office (and to be fair, there is a good Nuffield Health in Newbury with a decent gym and a 25m pool), but that's an extra £50 a month on top of the additional fuel for commuting and existing gym membership near home. It's a shame the company won't even entertain the notion of contributing to either the increased commuting costs or health club membership.

For a single working parent, the lunchtime workout / training session is invaluable, and I have to confess I am concerned what effect it will have on my performance if my training time is cut in half each week. I actually also firmly believe that a good workout at lunch makes me more focused and productive in the afternoon - there's nothing worse (in my opinion) than not setting foot outside of the office all day.

So where does that leave me? Well I guess I finally need to get more 'clever' about my training and actually form a plan, rather than winging it as I seem to have done thus far. A decent coach is probably also a good move (but also extra expense... you can see the pattern here...).

Whoops; that appears to have turned into something of a rant. Didn't intend that. Seriously though - I'd be very interested to hear from other people in similar situations who still manage to fit a decent training regime.

Bye for now.
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