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Queballs Quandaries
Im a 41 year recently converted triathlete !!

In a previous life i played and coached rugby for over twenty years and continue to be a PE teacher at a local secoundary school.

After one season i have committed myself to Coaching at the newly formed Ocean Lake Triathlon Club in Kent (after completeing my BTF level 2) and even officiating ( im also a level 1 official) at the clubs new race series.

4th May . Blog 2

queball1971by queball1971May 4th 2012
Early Start !! So have to set out what I'm wearing the night before as my brain doesn't quite work before 7am.

Dogs walked. Bike out of shed. Dog shit walked around shed . back in house to get wallet ( no dog shit in house). Helmet, cycle shoes on. Back into house for water bottle. Out to road on bike. Back in through front door for Garmin. Back to road and off to school !!

18min ride, then 45min in the pool. Tried out a couple new training aids finger paddles and multiple purpose float, both really good. The whole Swimming session felt much better than it has.

Day at work.

First Bike session from the ' time crunched cyclist' completed, 1hr 20min later loved it and felt "puffed" . 3x 8min at HR zone 4.5.

Now time for Emerdale, Rock and Roll !!
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