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Queballs Quandaries
Im a 41 year recently converted triathlete !!

In a previous life i played and coached rugby for over twenty years and continue to be a PE teacher at a local secoundary school.

After one season i have committed myself to Coaching at the newly formed Ocean Lake Triathlon Club in Kent (after completeing my BTF level 2) and even officiating ( im also a level 1 official) at the clubs new race series.

5th May , Blog threeeee

queball1971by queball1971May 5th 2012
Awake early, and felt fresh ! Dogs walked in the rain.

Off to Ocean Lake to train myself, before coaching the club session. Maybe a swim after.

10 x 2 min on , 1 off at 5k pace. Couldn't get Garmin to work proper ( a good Devon twang there !). So has to judge pace and HR. Made myself feel sick and sluggish for the first 7 , then seemed to become Zola Budd.

But Garmin he say HR adverage 161 and pace in work zones 3:40, both of which better than i would have worked if Garmin 'wuz workin proper'.

Coached session went well, five hardy souls as the weather was COLD, WINDY and wet. Trev really getting back into his running, much improved over the past 6 weeks ( and a dodging incident with a Spiderman Suit,Paddock Wood half Marathon and a kind strangers house). Alan put on his normal solid effort and looking good for nest weeks Swashbuckler. Jane continues to disbelieve any praise , a looks to have upped her ability to maintain a higher pace and cadence. Kelly had an easy trott as he hasn't been well and of course his good new lady wife was there resplendent in purple , Lady Wyld of the Lake aka G.

Alan and Trev were up for a swim after , not for me. I needed a hat to run in, so getting in that water wasnt happening !!
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