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Queballs Quandaries
Im a 41 year recently converted triathlete !!

In a previous life i played and coached rugby for over twenty years and continue to be a PE teacher at a local secoundary school.

After one season i have committed myself to Coaching at the newly formed Ocean Lake Triathlon Club in Kent (after completeing my BTF level 2) and even officiating ( im also a level 1 official) at the clubs new race series.

Blog Twenty; 13th June

queball1971by queball1971Jun 13th 2012
Felt good this morning;

Fast bike ride in , only 9km. But good to maintain a good pace.

Swim session was short but hard work 10 x 50m, tired but felt good to be working hard.

I checked the Data on Garmin Connect after and that extra effort im putting in on the 'fast' 50m, isnt really that efficient. While doing my relaxed warm up i only swam relativly slower than the 50m efforts.

Loving my new Garmin 910, cant wait to swim again to get more comparative data. Ive got some things to work on ie slower cadence , more power !!!!

Van could be back with me by the weekend, which will make life much easier !!
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