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Queballs Quandaries
Im a 41 year recently converted triathlete !!

In a previous life i played and coached rugby for over twenty years and continue to be a PE teacher at a local secoundary school.

After one season i have committed myself to Coaching at the newly formed Ocean Lake Triathlon Club in Kent (after completeing my BTF level 2) and even officiating ( im also a level 1 official) at the clubs new race series.

Ate , 13th May

queball1971by queball1971May 13th 2012
Great fun day !

Sun out , dogs walked.

Off to Leybourne to do a club coached session. Had to stop on the way cos I put Bra on my VW T25 and it was flapping about making a terrible noise ( if you not Dub fan, you will need to google VW Bras !!). So after maxing out my mechanical skills I carried on the Journey to the sound of Jack Johnson.

Lake look good, but that would have to wait, bike first , then some bike dismount skills (getting confident with getting bike shoes off). So a good steady 20k on the OLT race course, tech drills and back to the lake.

Easy 5k run followed by 750m swim. Only me left for the swim, due to Colds and Bad Backs or is it something to do with 13 degree water ? Easy swim completed in 13m, so pretty happy !

Sloooow journey home due to being diverted by the least helpful policeman of all time !

Afternoon of shopping then Sevens Rugby ( watching that is )
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