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A suprisingly relaxed run
rikby rik Jul 27th 2010
I did my work 10k at lunch again today. I wasn't pushing at all but happily ran around in nearly a PB. Legs felt great - I can't really explain this upturn in fitness. Still getting a side stitch - I'm beginning to think I'm not drinking enough water...
Awesome Dood
rikby rik Jul 25th 2010
Well, damage limitation complete. Overate and overdrank at Center Parcs - though all in a good cause.. good times.. but did manage to do some biking. Better than that, me and Marko The Decathlete escaped over the wall and hired some bikes at Whinlatt...
Tour de Work
rikby rik Jul 22nd 2010
Better training day today. I cycled to work and back - a neat 14 miles each way - and a 4.5k run for lunch. Running was a chore though - hayfever, feeling sick and a side stitch! I've decided that this is just my body adapting to my new training r...
0.1 mph off
rikby rik Jul 16th 2010
I bombed it round my local cycling route today - just a 17 miler. I was on target for 19mph average speed when my Garmin reported I had dropped to 18.9mph on the last corner. I nearly took a wing mirror off a car, a kiddie off his bike and myself ...
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