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Running pains
rikby rik Aug 17th 2010
I'm seriously miffed. I took an extra rest day yesterday - just did 30 mins of stretches and weights at lunch time - and planned to run a 10k today. After about a mile my back went again, same as last week, and I ended up doing a walk/jog combination...
Run rabbit run
rikby rik Aug 13th 2010
Now I'm really confused. I went out for a lunch time run, and didn't particular push but still did a PB! Only by two seconds but last time I did this I was nearly sick. I'm confused because my recovery time is shocking and last night my swimming was ...
rikby rik Aug 10th 2010
Had a poor day today. I wrecked a back muscle about 2 miles into my lunch time run, so I had to walk the other half. Rubbish.. I just wanted to explain my injury to every passing tractor driver, cyclist and lady on a hoss who must've wondered why thi...
Running for it
rikby rik Jul 29th 2010
I tried really hard on my 4.5 mile run this lunch time. Fortunately, I managed a PB for this particular route and I'm relatively chuffed. Downside is that even though I drank loads of water I still felt side stitched. Must be my fitness level - tryin...
A suprisingly relaxed run
rikby rik Jul 27th 2010
I did my work 10k at lunch again today. I wasn't pushing at all but happily ran around in nearly a PB. Legs felt great - I can't really explain this upturn in fitness. Still getting a side stitch - I'm beginning to think I'm not drinking enough water...
Tour de Work
rikby rik Jul 22nd 2010
Better training day today. I cycled to work and back - a neat 14 miles each way - and a 4.5k run for lunch. Running was a chore though - hayfever, feeling sick and a side stitch! I've decided that this is just my body adapting to my new training r...
Everybody wants to..
rikby rik Jul 19th 2010
I was supposed to play squash today but ended up running my 10k+ route around work. For some reason I managed to knock 5 minutes off my time! Dunno why.. I've only ever ran that far 5 times. Unless you count my Run The World in 1986....
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