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Rik's Triathlon Blog

A suprisingly relaxed run

rikby rikJul 27th 2010
I did my work 10k at lunch again today. I wasn't pushing at all but happily ran around in nearly a PB. Legs felt great - I can't really explain this upturn in fitness. Still getting a side stitch - I'm beginning to think I'm not drinking enough water. I will be getting a bottle of water from now on to go with my morning Tall Skinny Latte (or protein drink as I now call it).

Also, did an hour on the bike. I started off well but slowed down when I realised I was lost! I woke up heading on a collision course for the closest thing we have to a hill round here and quickly did a u-turn. No hills on the triathlon, we won't be needing those.
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