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Another Brick In The Wall

rikby rikSep 9th 2010
I've learnt a new term - "brick". From Wikipedia:Triathlon: "back-to-back workouts involving two disciplines, most commonly cycling and running". Also so-called because your legs feel like bricks when attempting to run immediately after cycling. This is true.

So this week I've combined some cycling then running - sometimes using the exercise bike rather than road bike but same idea. I'm pleased with the results even if my running is compromised. I've now self-diagnosed the fact that my back pain when running isn't muscular. Whatever it is, effectively I have internal rev limiter which red lines at around 10kph. This is frustrating but I'll concentrate on my cycling and swimming and hope some pain killers will see me bust the limiter on the day.

My race pack arrived this week too. A couple of technical things of concern - it seems there's a trick to managing your race number and also a feature of not drafting when cycling. A belt fixes the first problem but the cycling rules look like trouble. Apparently, I have to keep my distance from other cyclists unless overtaking or being overtaken (which must be completed in 15 seconds). Then again after my swim I don't expect to be in the company of many other competitors so it's probably not important.

Having said that my pool swimming has improved - I chuck in a lap or two of breast stroke but overall I can keep going. However, I now know that my bigger challenge will be swimming in the right direction so I've practised a few drills swimming with my head up to help with sighting. We'll see.

My joy at avoiding my business trip was short lived - I'm now going to spend the four days up to my triathlon away from home. So basically after tomorrow that's as fit as I'm gonna get.
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