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Smashed It!
rikby rik Sep 20th 2010
To steal a phrase - I smashed it! I awoke at 6am and headed to the Park - I spent an age nervously arranging my gear in transition (should I swim in my number belt? leave it til the cycle? yes. no.. no). I registered my transition point was right ...
I Am A Triathlete!
rikby rik Sep 18th 2010
The results were published on the Tatton Triathlon website - I was 187th out of 837!!! Unbelievable - 17:52 swim, 3:14 T1, 35:02 bike, a few seconds T2, 26:27 run. In total - 1:22:37. I am very chuffed. Thanks to everyone for the motivation and su...
It's Tomorrow!
rikby rik Sep 17th 2010
I arrived back home yesterday having spent an unhealthy week away. I went out for a cycle/run but after a couple of miles on the bike had a puncture! I am at one with the bike :-) I fixed the trusty steed but I'm not confident the backup inner tub...
Another Brick In The Wall
rikby rik Sep 9th 2010
I've learnt a new term - "brick". From Wikipedia:Triathlon: "back-to-back workouts involving two disciplines, most commonly cycling and running". Also so-called because your legs feel like bricks when attempting to run immediately after cycling. This...
X-Men Train
rikby rik Sep 6th 2010
I had secretly hoped that all these injuries I've been having were actually a Wolverine style metamorphosis and the next training session would see me crush all my previous times. Sadly this hasn't happened - there aren't any miracles as any triathlo...
Nobody Told Me About The Weeds!
rikby rik Sep 3rd 2010
I did it.. I went and did an open swim in a wet suit for the first time. It was a warm and sunny day so I had to go for it. I thought I had arrived early only to discover that all the wet suits had been hired out. After a short wait, a size medium-lo...
Walk Not Run
rikby rik Sep 2nd 2010
My current training regime is 15 minutes walking on the treadmill and then 15 minutes of a light jog. Then on to an exercise bike for a random 20 minute session on level 2. I broke my no weights rule and did a bicep curl yesterday too. With the th...
Race Information Arrives
rikby rik Sep 1st 2010
I've received an email with some details of the Triathlon now.. I can register between 4-7pm on Friday 17th Sep (and get free pasta :-)), so I'll probably do that after work. The first wave goes at 8am on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, I don't know...
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