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Forecast. Cold. Heavy Rain.

rikby rikMar 6th 2017
Oulton Park Spring Duathlon race report. I almost didn't do it - the only reason I did it is because the weather was so terrible and I didn't want to fix our fence after Storm Doris blew it down. Anyway, after a week of absolutely no training I just did it.

Standing in the sleet and rain for the briefing was the worse bit. Fortunately, the briefing was brief and we started early. There was a pretty bad moment when the guy in front of me face planted the floor after tripping over a cone - hope he's ok. My run was pretty uneventful - I couldn't really go much faster, I was just happy to be warming up.

As usual I was pleased to transition onto the bike - the track was very slippy though so I had to be careful with the cornering. This broke up my usual rhythm of a big effort on the bumps and twisty bits and then a rest on the back straight. Even though the race was draft legal there was very little bunching so it was difficult to take advantage of any slipstreams, although I suspect I was towing a few!

In T2 some poor chap was so cold I had to help him undo his helmet (which I'm not supposed to do apparently). For the second run there were a lot of tired and cold looking duathletes. As well as my jelly legs I couldn't feel my feet at all, they were that cold. This worried me quite a lot until about half way round when they came back. At that point I also suffered from a dip in sugar - I've done this plenty on the bike but never running. I must've looked bad because when I dragged myself over the line the marshal sent me straight to the food stand.

I grabbed some wine gums, a cliff bar and stocked up on Erdinger beer - love that stuff.

Stats read: Run 18m 50s, T1 1m 30s, Bike 38m 30s, T2 1:30, Run 19m 0s; Total: 1h 20m 23s. Overall: 100/250 and Age Group: 10/29. This is a big improvement on the same time last year (about 5 minutes) but around 3 minutes down on the 2016 Autumn Duathlon. It's my best Age Group ranking.
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