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rikby rikAug 20th 2010
One thing I didn't mention is that in my last swimming session my left shoulder was giving me grief. Probably related to my running pains. I can now no longer lift my left arm higher than shoulder height. This means I can't swim or run at the moment which is very frustrating! And combined with indulgences such as millionaire shortbread, red wine and fish&chips I'm feeling decidedly untriathlete-like right now.

At least I can still cycle, so I managed an hour on the bike yesterday. Also, my right arm is fully functional so I threw in a game of squash too. This was pretty much my routine before I started triathlon training so I don't feel I'm gaining much.

I've got 4 weeks to go, the last week I won't do much, so that's 3 weeks to get fixed, avoid further injury and most of all to learn how to swim 750m non-stop! A quiet weekend beckons, hopefully I'll be reet by Monday and then a proper training plan will start..
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