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Rik's Triathlon Blog

Lessons or not?

rikby rikAug 12th 2010
My swim this evening was so-so. I was actually exhausted from the amount of cycling I did at lunch (I got lost) and also generally from training. My muscles were starting to seize up. I can see why pros have regular massages - I need to do summat here.

I managed to do my 30 lengths again but I'm still having to stop far too regularly. I'm also a bit concerned that I can't seem to swim slowly which is preventing me from completing the distance without running out of breath. I'm sure this is down to tiredness but mainly technique - which I am experimenting with - trust me, no two lengths are swam the same.

So I'm going to check out what swimming lessons are on offer at the gym before I decide to take them. I'm not sure how wearing earplugs would pan out here.. eh? what? oh breath..
Tags: swimming
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