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rikby rikFeb 24th 2017
I've been keeping my triblogs race diary up to date and I can't help noticing that there ticker on the right, counting down to my first race of the year - the Oulton Park Spring Duathlon (Sprint). It's a week away - am I ready? Am I 'eck. However, it's a good tester out of the winter and I have last year's races to compare my times to. Personally I'd prefer a bike-run-bike but them's not the rules.

As a motor racing fan, just the opportunity to pedal around a motor racing circuit is a buzz. I'd be up for a full Grand Prix year. The smooth tarmac is a joy and the undulating circuit offers lumpy climbs, clear straights and great corning opportunities across the lap. I do my own commentary.

Last time out I managed to develop an IT band injury after the bike which wrecked my last run - and my training for the next 6 weeks. I thought I'd never recover but, even though my knees still threaten me, I can train the distance. That race wasn't draft legal but this time it is (no idea). Personally I prefer this if I can find a group to hang on to; there's some elite groups out there powering around like trains too. It's the closest I'll get to racing in a peloton.

The only thing is - those transfers they make you stick to your body parts. I can't get rid of them. I end up going to work with these fading childish tatts for weeks.
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