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Rik's Triathlon Blog

Not entirely sure this is a good idea..

rikby rikJul 12th 2010
OK, so today whilst browsing t'internet looking for another cyclosportive to do, I might have entered the Tatton Triathlon Sprint on Sep 18th, which my triblog countdown uncomfortably tells me is just 9 weeks away.

I have never done a triathlon before and my children are far better swimmers than I. I really don't know how I will complete the swim... I'm trying not to mentally convert 750m into lengths of my local pool. Which of course won't prepare me for swimming in a wet suit.. in a lake.

I started running last year, after yonks of problems with my knees, and managed a 10k charity run earlier in the year (my first competitive run!). I have always done lots of cycling but now having completed a few events am looking for a new challenge. This is definitely it!

A couple of things concern me, well a few hundred, but for now my biggest fear is that I will doggy paddle around the lake, drag myself out at the back of the field and fail to get my wet suit off. And - running and cycling at full tilt - I'm used to pacing meself, free wheeling and watching the scenery - this is different.

But I will be there.
Tags: beginner
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