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Rik's Triathlon Blog

Not Going To (a) Plan

rikby rikApr 5th 2017
I was going to follow a 12-week training plan. I even had one ready - from James Beckinsale's Triathlon Training Book. I knew it was tough - two sessions a day of various disciplines - and I knew was supposed to adapt it for me. I didn't start on the first day though, or the first week and I haven't started it yet after 6 weeks.

This is probably going to cost me but I find some days I like cycling, some days I like swimming, some days I even like running and some days I have no choice - no time to make it to work and the pool or no daylight hours for cycling. OK so I have a choice but I guess a strict regime is probably going to mess up the bits of my day I'm not training and make me miserable because I'm swimming when I want to be running.

That's not to say I'm not training - 90mins each Mon,Tue,Wed so far this week, it's just not really a plan. I like it this way.
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