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Southport Sprint Triathlon 2017

rikby rikMar 5th 2018
I didn't finish this blog but I should have. My plan was to finish the 2017 Southport Sprint Triathlon in under 1h:20m.

And the result... 1h:19m:26s! This was largely helped because I managed the 5k run in 21:21, which is almost a personal best 5k (as in personal best just running 5k, not in a triathlon). I've no idea why I ran that fast.

Southport Marina was not fun to swim - it tasted of outboard motor oil. It is also very shallow. There were people walking faster than my front crawl.

The bike was a bit unusual. I broke my carbon road bike 2 days before the race and had to make do with my steel framed 1987 Claud Butler that I usually reserve for L'Eroica. It looked a sight with the tribars. As this was a European qualifier there were a lot of good looking bikes to compete with but we went ok. Blasting down the front at Southport is great.

I actually enjoyed the run. I didn't see many other competitors but I could aim for a few in the distance. This motivation obviously helped my run!

As a bonus, Mrs T completed her first triathlon too. Woo!

Maybe I should commit to times on blogs more often if this is the outcome. Actually, no times, but it'll be a half ironman for me next. Endurance over speed.
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