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Rik's Triathlon Blog

Treading Air & Water

rikby rikAug 25th 2010
I just did my 30 lengths last night and skipped triathlon club. I felt pretty good for the first few lengths too. Still, my shoulder was threatening so I took it easy. The triathlon club instructor has offered to help me out with some transitioning... she suggested bringing my wetsuit to the pool and trying it out! So once my hired wetsuit arrives I'm gonna give this a go.

I also invented a makeshift triathlon course - minus the swimming - near home. So this evening I tried a bike followed immediately by a run. Still taking it easy I managed to set a baseline time, until my Garmin frustratingly reset itself :-/. This seems a much better way to train though and I think I'll continue this way. I've been setting personal bests etc.. up until now and climbing stupid mountains on the bike but I need to remember my plan is to finish the triathlon - slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.
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