Into the great unknown
Into the great unknown
As far is I can tell this triathlon business is 90% in the head. I'm really good at some bits, not so good at others, and mostly it's a great ever unknown. This is my experience of managing mind, and body, to be the best triathlete I can be.


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World Championships - qualified!
ritatrisby ritatris Jul 3rd 2014
After missing out on London by a long way, and then biggest injury yet in February meaning 6 weeks of complete rest, I had completely given up on qualifying for the World’s this year. But I had paid my race entries, so figured I may as well have a...
Mind over mind
ritatrisby ritatris Mar 19th 2013
Nearly well, and about time
ritatrisby ritatris Mar 1st 2013
Triathlete flu
ritatrisby ritatris Feb 17th 2013
Easy week
ritatrisby ritatris Jan 23rd 2013
I thought I had better get going on the blogging thing, mostly to save my Facebook page from becoming exclusively training related and therefore boring friends senseless! So this is the first deliberate 'easy week' in my 2 year life as a triathle...
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