Into the great unknown
Into the great unknown
As far is I can tell this triathlon business is 90% in the head. I'm really good at some bits, not so good at others, and mostly it's a great ever unknown. This is my experience of managing mind, and body, to be the best triathlete I can be.

Easy week

ritatrisby ritatrisJan 23rd 2013
I thought I had better get going on the blogging thing, mostly to save my Facebook page from becoming exclusively training related and therefore boring friends senseless!

So this is the first deliberate 'easy week' in my 2 year life as a triathlete. As my training has developed, and race distance upped to half ironman, I've decided to give the 3 weeks on, 1 week easy rotation a go. I'm hoping this will a-stop me overtraining, b-allow my body to recover and therefore work more effectively during 'on' weeks and c-stop me going mental by helping me have a regular head-space break too.

It has been well earnt, after 3 weeks of training 10 times a week, long rides and many bad weather induced hours spent on the turbo.

So, three days in (and a bit - snow and ice brought running to an end 6 days ago) and my thoughts are:

Easy week good things:
- More time to spend with my lovely boyfriend (I think he likes this too)
- Actual lunch breaks at work, rather than running breaks and eating at desk
- Time and energy for things I like doing other than training
- Knowing my body needs the recovery time
- Looking forward to getting back on my bike

Easy week tricky things:
- The fear of getting slow/unfit/losing the benefits of all that hard work
- Haven't run for a week, damn the weather
- More of the first one, and then some more, increasing each day

I've got a couple of short rides planned (weather permitting) for the weekend, as well as a c.6 mile run and a swimming lesson. And then it will be all back on it for the next 3. It'll be interesting to see how it feels after a week of not a lot at all!
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