Into the great unknown
Into the great unknown
As far is I can tell this triathlon business is 90% in the head. I'm really good at some bits, not so good at others, and mostly it's a great ever unknown. This is my experience of managing mind, and body, to be the best triathlete I can be.

End of season

ritatrisby ritatrisJul 29th 2013
Today my season is officially over. ItĀ's been a long one too and so the end of racing for the year is coming as a welcome relief, even if itĀ's been mostly determined by my body protesting that itĀ's had enough.

2013 started in 2012, with training for my early season first half ironman starting in December. Since then IĀ've done a 112k frozen audax of misery, Challenge Fuerteventura, a 5k swim, a 10k run or two, two World Championship qualifiers, a weekĀ's cycle training in Belgium and the sprint London Triathlon on Saturday.

Coming up with a calf injury that put a stop to any running a week and a half before the London Triathlon had not been in the plan, and was utterly gutting. In my third year at the race I had been hoping to go well. Having paid for my entry and train tickets there, as well as my brother racing and boyfriend and mum coming along for the annual family day out, I decided to start and walk the run. I had an average swim, a strong bike, and a slightly tedious two lap 5k walk but it was worth doing. Swimming is my weak point, so the experience was good practice, and bike is my favourite, so it wasnĀ't a complete waste of time, plus a 7th fastest (of 700+ women) bike split went down well. I was proud of myself for making a sensible decision and chosing to walk the 5k with good grace, when the inability to race could have easily been an opportunity to DNF or be very frustrated during my stroll.

So that is it for the year. I am entered into Cambridge standard distance race in two weeks, but am not anticipating being able to run by then. Again, IĀ'll start for the swim practice and fun of the bike course, but even if the legs magically recover between now and then IĀ'm kind of mentally done for this year.

Now thoughts are turning to (shockingly) stuff other than triathlon. IĀ'm looking forward to a good few months off of structured training, am quite keen to have a go at pilates/yoga (to be decided) and in a while start some gym work over the winter. IĀ'm ready for a real break and with another yearĀ's experience behind me I have the confidence that I didnĀ't last year to take an off season.

And relax...
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