Into the great unknown
Into the great unknown
As far is I can tell this triathlon business is 90% in the head. I'm really good at some bits, not so good at others, and mostly it's a great ever unknown. This is my experience of managing mind, and body, to be the best triathlete I can be.

Taper is awesome!

ritatrisby ritatrisApr 3rd 2013
Pardon me for stating the obvious, but this is the first time I¬'ve done a proper taper, and it¬'s great!

Having only raced short distances before, ¬'taper¬' has just meant threeish days off at the end of the week before a Sunday race. With Challenge Fuerteventura half ironman a whole 10 days away, I am giving myself a decent stretch to get the body nice and recovered and energised. It is mostly doing wonders for my mind though too.

I¬'ve had a really tough last few weeks of training, brought about by long hard sessions in the freezing cold with some significant nutritional mistakes and the inevitable ensuing misery. A few bad sessions really knocked my confidence. Happily I saved it at the last minute with a good bank holiday weekend¬'s training.

So the best thing about taper so far is letting go of all the mental baggage associated with training. I¬'m fairly new to this competitive sport thing, and I don¬'t have a coach, so a decent bit of my training is accompanied by doubt. Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? Am I going hard enough? Am I going too hard? Am I doing the ¬'right¬' kind of session? Has it been good enough? Etc. The nice thing about now is that all I have to do is keep things ticking over and not get injured. All the hard work is done, I can¬'t do any more, I can¬'t go any harder and I can¬'t do it differently.

So I am looking forward to enjoying the race! I¬'m feeling really curious about what will happen ¬- how my body and mind will go on the day. I¬'m also really looking forward to having three days off in the sunshine afterwards to do a lot of nothing, sleeping and drinking wine/beer at lunchtime. A lot can change in 10 days in my head, but for now I¬'m feeling respectfully excited ¬- woop!
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