Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete

2015 Season Review, and plans for 2016

roborobby roborobDec 31st 2015
Race results from this season (multisport only):

Ironman Melborne: 10h30m44s
Tonbridge Sprint: 7th
Crystal Palace Sprint: 5th
ETU Middle AG Euros/Challenge Rimini: 21st AG
Clash of the Tritons: 4th
Windrush Aquathlon: 8th
Fambridge Yacht Haven Half Iron: 4th
Bewl Standard: 7th
Midnight Man Half Aquabike: 2nd
Capital Tri Splash & Dash Aqua: 18th
ETU Long Distance AG Euros/Challenge Weymouth: 10h43m42/8th AG
London Fields Aquathlon: 10th
Jekyll & Hyde Duathlon: 21st

Competition Rankings:

Crystal Palace Triathletes ("CPT") Club Champs, , Standard, Middle and Iron: 1st
CPT Club Champs Duathlon and Sprint: 2nd
CPT Club League (Male Senior): 2nd
Triathlon Region London League (M35-39): 1st
CPT also won the London League male team, and 2nd in the overall, mixed team and mob match.

Quite a frustrating year, despite acknowledging how lucky I am to have the opportunity and means to indulge in such an enjoyable and arguably frivolous hobby on such a regular basis. Frustrating because we have to go and spoil things for ourselves by chasing results, which is fine up until when things stop going our way. I was hoping that I'd carry on building on the the form I was developing in 2014, but started on the wrong foot by throwing in an Ironman so early in the season, meaning that rather getting some rest in over winter, I was out on the TT bike knocking out 6hr rides in the cold (or worse, trying to do them in my living room with my brain dribbling out of my ears). In hindsight, Melbourne was the highlight (despite not getting the sub-10 I was aiming for), as the snowboard accident a month later ruined the rest of my season. My first A race was meant to be Rimini, but an unusual bout of sickness in the week before nearly forced me to cancel, which might have been the better option as there's not much fun in dragging yourself around a long race, especially when you have your name on your kit and GB supporters looking on with compassion. I then tried to pick things up for Weymouth, but buying and moving into my first house made fitting in training around work trickier than usual, and an old motorbike injury in my right foot flared up to the point that an MRI scan revealed low grade stress reactions in the metatarsals and a painful plantar bursitis right in the middle of the ball, and a 50/50 prognosis of fracturing during the run. Shame as I started the run feeling great and on course for a sub-10, only to be reduce to walk/run 5km in. Unlike Almere though, I didn't panic, and instead took my time and made sure I got to the finish.

After Weymouth, I took the decision to have a proper recovery period for the first time in 7 years, with no prescribed sessions and no racing (apart from London Fields and J&H, which were just me doing my duty to my club for the London League). I thought I'd really miss the winter racing, as usually I'd be signing up to more races within 2 weeks, but I think this time I was overdue some time off, and my body was responding well to the rest. I've had half an eye on the next season, and as such have turned my attention to playing around with olympic lifts in the gym, and eating more (and drinking quite a lot too) over the past 3 months to help with the recovery. I shot up from 74kg to 81kg in about 3 weeks (and I think some of it might actually be muscle and not just fat), and certainly feel stronger with all of the little niggles clearing up (the kinds of niggles that you carry for so long that you start to forget aren't normal). Either way, it's been fun trying other things, and now I ready to knuckle down for next year.

So I've decided the plan for 2016 is to focus on quality rather than quantity. No Ironmans (well, maybe Cozumel in November, depending on how things go...), and fewer races overall. I was toying with the idea of dropping tri altogether and getting involved in bike racing, but have instead decided to give the swimming and running (and age group glory) one last stab, with the A-race being the ETU middle distance age group champs in Austria. In full (so far):

- Sevenoaks Sprint (because I really enjoy this race and would like to win it one day);
- Dragon Slayer Duathlon (club champs and London League. Won it in 2013 so looking to repeat that);
- Crystal Palace Sprint (If I make the team. Won it in 2014 but depends who turns up on the day of course);
- British Middle Champs/Grafman (If I can get in shape in time);
- Jetstream Sprint (club champs/London League);
- Windrush Aquathlon (club champs/London League. 2nd place twice);
- Thorpe Park Standard (club champs/London League);
- Midnight Man 70.3 (club champs/London League);
- ETU Middle Distance AG Champs/Challenge Walchsee-Kaiserwinkl.

So it's so long 2015, thanks for the Ironman PB but not much else, and bring on 2016!
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