Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete

10 Weeks to Auckland: Training Debrief. Last Week: Week 3 of Adaptation Phase

roborobby roborobAug 19th 2012
I'm going to aim to drop a quick note at the end of each week in the lead up to Auckland to give an account of the training done during that week. I'm trying to follow a prescribed 12 week plan (free download from Triathlon Geek, and well recommended) that periodises the training with an initial phase of adaptation, then aerobic, then endurance and finally a competitive phase before the final taper, with a few active recovery weeks in between. It's hard to follow any particular plan, because i'm locked in with cycle commutes and fixed club training sessions, with scope to play around with sessions outside of these pretty limited. Still, it's nice to have a general theme in mind for each of the weeks.

The week just gone was the last of 3 weeks of the 'Adaptation Phase', which focuses on strength training and getting into a regular training routine, so therefore building a good base. I've already got a solid base from early on in the season, so my takeaway from this phase is not to worry too much about high intensity training, and instead focus on some work in the gym instead. It's nice to take it steady, comfortable in the knowledge that it should all come together in time for race day. Because the focus is Auckland, i'm going to treat the two Euro qually races as training sessions - two chances to practice in a race environment. In any case, i'm still feeling a few niggles in the area of my fibula where i had the stress fracture, so all running is confined to the pool at this stage.

- Stats for Week T-12:

Total: 14h:48m
1h:30m 4km (10%) 7h:40m 183.1km (52%) 38min 7.4km (4%) 5h (34%)

- Stats for Week T-11:

Total: 13h:13m
1h:21m 3.7km (10%) 8h:06m 206.5km (61%) 1h 12km (8%) 2h:45m (21%)

-Stats for Week T-10:

Total: 15h:25m
4h:10m 11.1km (27%) 7h:46m 193.9km (50%) 1h:58m 20km (13%) 1h:30m (10%)
Total training time: 49h:48m:20s
Stats for: Jul 23rd 2012 to Aug 19th 2012 (28 days)
SwimSwim6h:40m (13%) 17.6km
BikeBike29h:31m (59%) 711.5km
RunRun3h:37m (7%) 39.4km
StrengthStrength10h (20%) 0km
Stats for: Jul 23rd 2012 to Aug 19th 2012 (28 days)
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