Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete

2012 is going to take some beating! Here's to 2013...

roborobby roborobDec 31st 2012
As 2012 draws to a close, i'm sure that i won't be the only one who will say that this has been the best year ever. What has been the highlight for you? The amazing Olympic Games that London delivered? The ensuing success of Team GB across so many sports? The coming together of a nation for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations (and a celebration of just generally being British?)? The fact that a lanky kid called Bradley from North London, with ginger sideburns, won the Tour de France?

It hasn't just been Britain that has had the best of everything this year. Did you know that this has officially been the best year in history - if you base it on the fact that there has never been lower world hunger, poverty or death levels from war, nor higher prosperity? I'm sure there have been a few other good things that have happened this year too, that a biased Londoner like me can't think of right now.

My personal highlights from 2012:

- Swam/Biked/Ran 8,558km this year, with the top three journeys being:

#3 - 10km descent of the Sa Calobra in Majorca in April (put this on your list of "roads to ride before you die");

#2 - 25.75km around the course of the ITU age group world champ finals course in New Zealand in October, decked out in a Team GB trisuit with my name on the front and back;

#1 - 400m lap around the Olympic Stadium in Stratford in the Opening Ceremony, dressed as a luminous cycling dove, in front of a billion people....

- Won a race outright for the first time (Tonbridge Sprint in May):

- Part of the Crystal Palace team that won a team race in the London League, putting us 2nd in the league overall and 1st in the Mob Match for 2012;

- Came a not-too-disappointing 15th of 73 in my age group at the worlds

- Oh yeah, and the first full year of marriage with my beautiful wife, Emily (i knew there was something that wasn't triathlon-related!)

2013 has a lot to live up to! I doubt i'll get to experience anything like the small part i played in the Olympics, ever again in my lifetime. I am heading back to Majorca in March for more Sa Calobra action, and my GB trisuit will get at least one more outing at the ETU champs in Turkey in June (and hopefully at the worlds in September, to be held right here in glorious London).

Okay, time for reflection is over. Training started with a bang at the beginning of December, and the other two parts of the triangle (rest and good nutrition in place of the late nights, boozing and binging in December) start from tomorrow morning (Jan 1st). Here are my destinations for next year, with my excellent coaches Nick Dunn, Ray Gibbs, Jon Horsman and Paul Eaglestone providing the Sat Nav directions to help get me there!

Jan 19th Box Hill Fell Race
Jan 27th Woodcote CX
Feb 17th Kentish Killer
Apr 14th Dragon Slayer Duathlon (London League
Apr 21st Kingfisher Aquathlon
Apr 28th Ful-On Duathlon
May 19th Crystal Palace Triathlon
May 21st J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Championship in New York
Jun 1st Nottingham Sprint (London Qually)
Jun 9th Hillingdon Sprint
Jun 16th Alanya ETU Triathlon European Championships (Sprint Distance)
Jun 23rd Bristol Sprint Tri Qually (London Qually)
Jun 29th Llandudno Sea Triathlon (London Qually)
Jul 7th Sussex Middle
Aug 11th Bewl Triathlon
Sep 15th London ITU World Triathlon Championships (fingers' crossed)

Good luck to all of you in your endeavours (triathlon or otherwise), and remember: if you ain't getting paid for it, then you sure as hell better love doing it!
emilyparryby member: emilyparry, Dec 31st 2012 15:00
Time flies when you're having fun! Well done RP x
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