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Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete

2013: January-June, and Multiple Marginal Gains

roborobby roborobJun 13th 2013
I can't believe it's been 6 months since my last post - so many amazing discoveries and developments that I want to share; just been too caught up in being a part of them all! For now I'll give you a list of topics that I'm going to dedicate one post each to:

1. Having a proper Coach: this has been the first year that i've taken the plunge and employed the services of a triathlon coach, and none other than former ITU Age Group World Champion Nick Dunn! I cannot over-empathise how invaluable Nick's guidance and support has been in making me a better triathlete.

2. Diet: I started following the "Paleo Diet" principles earlier this year by cutting out all grains, gluten, and processed foods/fats, and quickly took the next step in going low carb to the point of becoming ketone-adapted. The results have been off the chart! Performance, health and vitality have gone through the roof in a very short space of time, and in some very unexpected areas! Endurance athletics, with no rice, pasta parties or energy gels? I think it may be more than just possible, but in fact better in every way. I'll elaborate in an upcoming post, and will feed back on my experiences over time.

3. Technique Coaching: So you're a triathlete. That means you love gadgets. You've got the flashy bike, the aero lid, the compression socks, the latest wetsuit with buckets on the forearms, and have a cupboard full of random go-faster/recover quicker/get stronger gadgets sitting unused after the first week they were bought. It's cost an arm and a leg, and that's not to mention the price of all of the race entries that you enter just to demonstrate that none of these expensive toys make a huge difference to your results. No, the biggest bang for your buck is dropping some cash on getting the engine underneath all these toys (i.e. your body) running as powerfully, and also as efficiently as possible. The power comes from the right coaching plan and diet, with the efficiency from technique coaching. As Nick coaches me from afar, I have engaged the services of dedicated running and swimming technique coaches down here in London to help me improve on these fundamentals, and help me graduate out of the "all the gear; no idea" class of triathlete. James Dunne from Kinetic Revolution, and Ray Gibbs from Swim Canary Wharf have helped transform my weaker disciplines. I'll explain how in the post on this.

4. ITU World Champs in London (and other races): qualifying for London is the A-goal this year, with the rest filled by targeting London League events, Crystal Palace Triathletes club champs races, and the ETU sprint champs this Saturday in Turkey. The chance to compete on home soil has brought the best of the best age groupers out of the woodwork, so qualification will be much tougher than for Auckland last year. I have had one failed attempt, so essentially two strikes left before i'm out! Failure to qualify will result in a self-imposed punishment of an iron-distance race before the year is out, which is a daunting prospect for this carb-free sprint triathlete!

5. Wattbike: Although I love getting out on my bike, and enjoy riding in all weathers, nothing beats the training effect you can get from a wattbike. Nick has guided me on how to get the most out of training with power, and in the process has taken me to some very dark places! I want to dedicate a post to my experiences with this amazing piece of kit.

That's all for now - post on these coming up soon. Next stop is Turkey for the ETU champs (M30-34 sprint). Wish me luck!
2013: January-June, and Multiple Marginal Gains
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