Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete

2014 Season Review

roborobby roborobDec 31st 2014
Race results from this season (multisport only):

12th Jan - Thanet MTB Duathlon: 3rd
15th Mar - Trailman MTB Duathlon: 7th
5th Apr - Dx2 Seville Middle Distance (1.9/85/21.1): 15th, 4:08:29
13th Apr - Kingfisher Aquathlon (London League): 8th
27th April - Sevenoaks Sprint: 2nd
5th May - Thames Turbo Sprint (London League): 10th
11th May - East Grinstead Sprint: 5th
18th May - Crystal Palace Sprint (London League): 1st
31st May - City to Summit Iron Distance: 15th
22nd Jun - Windrush Aquathlon (London League): 2nd
6th Jul - Worthing Standard Distance: 9th
16th Aug - Midnight Man 70.3: 5th, 4:27:07
24th August - Xterra England: 69th (bike mechanical issues)
13th Sep - Challenge Almere (ETU Long Distance European Champs): DNF (59:48 swim, 5:21:40 bike, DNF after 7k on the run)
26th Oct - Jekyll & Hyde Duathlon (London League): 3rd

Competition Rankings:

Crystal Palace Triathletes ("CPT") Club Champs Aquathlon, Sprint, Standard, Middle and Iron: 1st
CPT Club Champs Duathlon: 2nd
CPT Club League (Male Senior): 1st
Triathlon Region London League (M30-34): 1st
CPT also won the London League overall, male team, mixed team and mob match, and 2nd in the female team.
2014 Season Review
Really happy with how things went this year, and enjoyed every minute of training and racing. Highlights were completing my first iron-distance triathlon at the City to Summit, winning my home race, and perversely my DNF in Almere, given how much it taught me. I've also taken a fairly deep dive this year into researching and practicing various elements of holistic health concerning nutrition, movement, recovery and maintenance, and as a result have enjoyed a second year of injury-free training and racing. I was worried that taking on ironman might blunt my short course pace, leave me exhausted all the time, and suck the fun out of training and racing, but I've found the complete opposite to be true. It must be quite different for Elites, but at my level I found that the increased focus on strength and pacing for the ironman time I was targeting gave me more energy for everything else, and meant that I could race just as many short events without burning out. I owe a lot of this to the expert coaching I've continued to receive from Nick Dunn. Cheers Nick :-)
Total training time: 772h:53m:06s
Stats for: Jan 1st 2014 to Today (365 days)
SwimSwim119h:41m (15%) 311.7km
BikeBike432h:56m (56%) 10004.9km
RunRun93h:05m (12%) 989.2km
StrengthStrength127h:10m (16%) 0km
Stats for: Jan 1st 2014 to Today (365 days)
I'm currently finalising plans 2015 (you have to be quick these days - it's amazing how quickly even the most low key of events can sell out), but the main goals are already locked in: to get a decent ironman time (City to Summit's was glacial given the run course), and do as well as I can on the GB Age Group Team at a championship event. I've got two shots at ironman, through Ironman Melbourne in March and Challenge Weymouth in September, with the latter doubling as a GB AG outing, along with Challenge Rimini Half Iron in May. I think Melbourne is a bit too early in the season to hope for much, so I'll be treating it as a (rather expensive but epically awesome) training day in preparation for Weymouth. In the meantime, training has started again with a bang after the festive lay off, and I'm looking forward to continuing on my triathlon journey.
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