Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete

9 weeks to Auckland: Aerobic week 1 of 2 with an Italian Wedding thrown in for good measure

roborobby roborobAug 26th 2012
The official blurb for this week from the Triathlon Geek plan i'm following is that week 4 is the start of the aerobic stage, where there is still an emphasis on weight training and core strength work, but a gradual build on distance and power. You can also be flexible with moving around workouts (unlike the weeks closer to race day), which is lucky as the last two days of the week and first two of the following week were to be spent in Italy at a friend's wedding. I took the decision to cram as much training into the first 5 days as i could fit around work, and then head to Italy with no intention of doing much at all other than relax with friends and have fun. I think that when you are unsure if you will be able to train, it's better to go on the basis that you won't get anything done, and treat any opportunities as a bonus rather than part of the plan.

Next week will be the second and final aerobic week, with a view on what impact the 4 days in Italy had on the training.


3x conditioning sessions that can be done anywhere (which are usually a few circuits of pressups, crunches, Powerbreaths (, roller-massage and squats); 1 core session in the gym; 1 all-body weights 'maintenance' session taken from the Triathletes Training Bible; and 1 pure roller and stretch session.


2x high-effort club swims, with a solo wetsuit swim at Brockwell Lido one morning, and another easy swim in the hotel pool


no chance for a training ride, so all just from the commutes to and from work with a variety of tempos.


Still not risking running on the recently-healed stress fracture, so just one intervals aqua jog and one improvised session on the cross trainer which consisted of 4min intervals at 180spm, with 1min of heel raises/hamstring curls in between (which simulated running forces quite well).
Total training time: 13h:48m:29s
Stats for: Aug 20th 2012 to Aug 26th 2012 (7 days)
SwimSwim3h:50m (28%) 8.5km
BikeBike5h:53m (43%) 149.8km
RunRun1h:10m (8%) 14km
StrengthStrength2h:55m (21%) 0km
Stats for: Aug 20th 2012 to Aug 26th 2012 (7 days)
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