Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete


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2012 is going to take some beating! Here's to 2013...
roborobby roborob Dec 31st 2012
As 2012 draws to a close, i'm sure that i won't be the only one who will say that this has been the best year ever. What has been the highlight for you? The amazing Olympic Games that London delivered? The ensuing success of Team GB across so many s...
Finally in Auckland! Final taper week
roborobby roborob Oct 21st 2012
So after 3 months of planning (which included over 150hrs of training, a week of living nocturnally, 28 hours of travel, and more flexing of the credit card than I dare to calculate), I finally made it to New Zealand, and the official GB residence a...
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