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2013 in Review
roborobby roborob Jan 3rd 2014
Really happy with how 2013 went. Some particular results I'm proud of, but importantly a year with a hefty race schedule (28 in total) with no DNFs and no stress-related injuries for the first season since crushing my foot in a motorbike accident ba...
Alanya ETU Euro Champs; Qualifying for the GB AG team for the London World Champs; and London League Action
roborobby roborob Jun 29th 2013
The last 3 months have been not much else other than racing, recovering, quick bursts of training, then tapering, travelling, and racing again, and repeat. My club, Crystal Palace Triathletes, has been focused on getting results in the Triathlon Lon...
Finally in Auckland! Final taper week
roborobby roborob Oct 21st 2012
So after 3 months of planning (which included over 150hrs of training, a week of living nocturnally, 28 hours of travel, and more flexing of the credit card than I dare to calculate), I finally made it to New Zealand, and the official GB residence a...
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