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2014 Season Review
roborobby roborob Dec 31st 2014
Race results from this season (multisport only): 12th Jan - Thanet MTB Duathlon: 3rd 15th Mar - Trailman MTB Duathlon: 7th 5th Apr - Dx2 Seville Middle Distance (1.9/85/21.1): 15th, 4:08:29 13th Apr - Kingfisher Aquathlon (London League): 8t...
Alanya ETU Euro Champs; Qualifying for the GB AG team for the London World Champs; and London League Action
roborobby roborob Jun 29th 2013
The last 3 months have been not much else other than racing, recovering, quick bursts of training, then tapering, travelling, and racing again, and repeat. My club, Crystal Palace Triathletes, has been focused on getting results in the Triathlon Lon...
2013: January-June, and Multiple Marginal Gains
roborobby roborob Jun 13th 2013
I can't believe it's been 6 months since my last post - so many amazing discoveries and developments that I want to share; just been too caught up in being a part of them all! For now I'll give you a list of topics that I'm going to dedicate one pos...
Aqua Jogging: not just for rehab...
roborobby roborob Aug 20th 2012
I discovered aqua jogging earlier this year after a series of lower leg injuries had prevented any running on land (with all problems stemming from an accident where a car rammed into the side of me whilst on my motorbike back in September 2008, whic...
roborobby roborob Nov 24th 2010
Plyometrics - Build Your Running Speed and Power (by Rick Morris) Plyometrics are exercises that require your muscles to reach peak force in a very short amount of time. They will improve your speed, power and running economy. You should make sure...
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