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Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete

Going Long and Getting Dirty...

roborobby roborobNov 3rd 2013
The Jekyll & Hyde Park Duathlon (a great event in Hyde Park hosted by the Serpentine Triathlon Club) was the last race in the Triathlon London League Series, and marked the end of my 2013 race season. Forward planning at the beginning of the year had a week long break in Marrakech booked for the day after the race. I chose Morocco because it was 'somewhere cheap and hot to sit by the hotel pool', with no structured training at all. This turned out to be a great way to end the season, as I've come back full of energy and enthusiam for next year.

After reaching my 2013 goals in sprint triathlon (qualify for London and win the London League), I've decided to mix things up next year with three key events: the Rat Race City to Summit at the beginning of summer, which is an extreme ironman (lower case 'i'), and Xterra, with hopefully the Zittau World Champs the weekend before, which are both Cross Triathlon events (meaning swim/MTB/Trail run). I'm ready for a different challenge, and the lack of any injury for the first season in years through improved training and dietary habits has given me the confidence to start winding up the running mileage again.

After a one week break, i'm going to fill the off season with lots of offroad training races. So far i've signed up for the following:

10th Nov: Mud & Mayhem Duathlon
16th Nov: Wildman Duathlon
7th December: MudMan Duathlon
22nd Feb: TrailMan Duathlon

With lots of muddy bike and run miles in bettween. The road and TT bikes will be in hiberation for at least 4 months!

Then for the last two weeks of march i'll be doing nothing other than swim/bike/run/eat/sleep in Majorca with TriCamp (for the third time because they are such an awesome company, plus Nick Dunn is my coach so will get to work a bit closer on the training plan)

Next up after that will be the big one: City to Summit. 2.4mile swim in the Firth of Forth (hopefully warmer than the 8.9 degrees it was the last time around), 118 miles across the country to the mountains (2.5k total vertical elevation), and then 27 miles up and over Ben Nevis (another 2.5k up, with the down to contend with as well). There's something about the sense of adventure, and straight line ground being covered that got my adrenaline pumping the moment I first heard about this race, and trumped the choice of this one as my first ironman rather than an Ironman (upper case 'I') or a faster circuit-style course. Will see how I get on with this one before deciding whether to carry on with iron distance racing.

Once that one is out of the way, i'll spend the second half of the season working on getting the pace back in preparation for the next key races:

15th August: 2014 Zittau ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships
23rd August: Xterra England

I'm really excited to see a different side to triathlon, and meet a different tribe of multisport athletes. These will not be playing to my current strengths though, as my offroad bike handling is pretty ropey, but i'm relishing the prospect of focussing on these weaknesses and seeing what some hard work and perseverance will bring.
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