Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete

Injured and the season hasn't even started!

roborobby roborobApr 24th 2015
So had a couple of weeks tapering for Ironman Melbourne, then had 2 weeks off afterwards for recovery, and then had a week's snowboarding in Val Thorens (yeah, hard life I know), where I planned to kick start the training. So rather than the usual board all day/drink all night ski holiday, I had scheduled in half days of gentle boarding, with 3 swimming pool sessions, 3 runs on the snow-less roads, and a couple of HIIT-style sets on the bikes in the hotel gym to keep the muscle memory. Added bonus that Val Thorens is the highest resort in Europe, so a bit of altitude training thrown in for good measure.

All was going well until day 3, when our overly adventurous guide found some powder runs far off-piste, and led us down a tight rock gully that I wouldn't have dreamed of attempting on my own. I mean, I might well have given it a go in my younger days, but since triathlon pretty much took over my life, I've become increasingly risk-averse, with extreme sports falling to the bottom of my to-do list (not that it would be completely inappropriate to include some of the bike rides we go on in the extreme category, like perhaps this one So I followed the guide but took a slightly different line, which had me hitting a lip, getting flung around, and landing heavily on a pointed boulder which punctured my left leg on the ITB. The pain was immense, like a worst dead leg you've received times a thousand. Initially I thought I'd broken my leg or hip - there was a hole and a lot of blood, but after getting stitches in France, and then x-rays and physio back in London (with a lot of lying down and general inactivity in between), it was luckily just a contusion, and a huge wobbly hematoma (which is still there 2 months later). Meant a good month of doing not a lot, then working extra hard to get the tri fitness back.

Annoying after 2014 went so well, when I had enough time to train, no injuries, and ticked off every race with the result I expected (apart from Amsterdam as per earlier post). This year, I threw in an IM too early in the season which I thought was bad enough, but then had this accident which meant I had to stop doing everything, with no idea when I would get better, and if I'd ever be 100% again. In hindsight it hasn't been that bad, but at the time I thought I might never train or race again. This really scared me at first, but whilst convalescing, I had lots of time to think, which really helped to improve my perspective, so it was really a blessing in disguise. Things don't always go your way, but you learn more from these experiences than you do when everything is going well, and the fact that I've been able to recover has made me appreciate my health so much more than I had been. I also realised that you never really know when a life event is going to impact you, and you have to ready to adapt your plans at any time.

I've missed the first of the London League races due to this injury (Kingfisher Aquathlon and Ful-On Duathlon), but hoping to kick of the domestic season in May with our club champs sprint at Tonbridge, and the home race Crystal Palace Triathlon (that I now have no ambitions of defending my title at!)
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